Your sales process, digitalized.

Proceed transforms the offline section of your sales cycle into a fast, trackable online flow.

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The purchasing platform made for you.

No matter where you are or what type of B2B services you put together, Proceed has you covered.

Your brand, your way

Establish your platform online with a custom domain name and custom look. The online process adapts to unique steps of your sales cycle.

Integrated with your CRM

No duplicate effort or no duplicate screens for your sales team. Proceed connects with your CRM to send and receive customer information.

Shortened sales cycles

No time spent for non value adding activities. Contracts are filled online, payment is completed online, needed documents are uploaded online.

Increased cross sell ratio

Customers browse all available products and services in a single interface. After first contract on the platform, additional contracts require no effort.

Enhanced experience for all parties.

Proceed eliminates the friction within your sales cycle.

  • Sales Dashboard

    The sales representative;

    Creates online quotes for customers from a different range of products and services,

    Views the status of each quote sent and take immediate actions,

    Sends automated followup notifications to customers to decrease her workload.

  • Customer Dashboard

    The customer;

    Views all the products on the platform, asks for new quotes,

    Fills in the contract online, completes the payment,

    Tracks progress on her current offers and contracts, gets notified whenever neccesary.

Don't just take our word for it.

Proceed powers leading B2B purchasing platforms, helping 10.000+ companies save time and money.

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    “As Group UP, we joined forces with ProceedLabs to help over 1.000.000 clients in 17 countries via digitalising and improving their experiences.”
    Julien Anglade
    Zone Director of Eurasia — Group UP
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    “Using Proceed software, we were able to set up UP Achizitii platform with no technical cost or hassle. This is an efficient plug&play solution to provide value added services for our clients.”
    Elena Pap
    General Manager — Up Romania
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    “Proceed helped us increase the variety of services we offer to our clients while shortening our sales cycles by 40%. ”
    Daniel Rosu
    CRM & Customer Tools Optimization Manager — Up Romania

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